This is Repair Store Management software to  Create workorder / Invoice for Repair  items  and Sell  products and parts,  Easy to Learn & Use..

* Easily Setup Fault Codes

* Easily setup Repair Codes

* Setup Customer

* Setup Departments

* Setup Items / Parts

* Setup Tax/es

* Setup Country

* Setup Printers

* For use in USA / Canada/ UK / South America/ Africa/ Asia.

* In English and Spanish,

* Choice of ONE Tax or TWO Taxes.

Repair Store sofwtare 

Repair Store Expert Software  is a  Feature Rich  Software for Repair Business , Phone Repair , PC Repair Store , Electronics  / Game Repair Store and other Repair Stores.

Secure Login : By Employee or admin.

Create work order when Customer come for Repair, Provide him / her Estimate and Accept Deposit for Repair and Provide a Printed work order, Get signature for Work Authorization.

Below is the picture of  a  New WORK ORDER  &  Print work order / Receipt .  Best  Repair Store Software in USA and Canada .  Can be used any where in world wide !

Create work order for Repair . Here is the sample of work order.

Generate Work Order for Repair . Here is  sample of work order below.

Enter some Basic Details, Information about Complaint and provide, Estimated Repair Cost .  Print the work order and  get it signed by Customer.

Repair Shop Software

Work Order: Print out.

Print Out : Work order can be Printed. Here is the sample of work order.

*   For UK / Other countries Date Format as DD/MM/YYYY

*   For   USA  Date Format as  MM/DD/YYYY

repair store work order computer repair store Software

Tear out and stick it on the Repair Items .

Tearout Print Out : Work order can be Printed. Along with a Tear Out at Lower section of work out , Which you can stick it to items for Repair computer repair store Software

Adding Services / Parts / Products.

Inventory adding: Items / Parts can be easily added , Add Departments and then add Items / Parts and Services  for Repair or Sale with point of sale Module .

Easy to use Repair Store Expert software.

You can manage inventory by adding Parts, Products, & services. Example  computer Diagnosis is a service , you can create an Items = Diagnosis, and you Charge $x for Diagnosis.

Repair store pos software  


POS: Selling Products only.

POS  Sale : Sell Items / products  without Repair or work order, with point of sale Module .

Comfortably  Run your Business Efficiently.. Select Items with touch screen . Easy to use.

Sell Products / Items / Parts using Point of sale Module, Without Creating Work Order, when a customer comes in store to shop Products only.


Repair store software  

Sample Work Order & Receipt.

All Transactions and operations are saved ,See below a Sample Work order Print out and Receipt,  with your OWN Company Logo. .This is  easy to use software for  Repair Store.  Sell your Product / Items , Retail POS module.

Based upon years  of  Experience in Repair Store Environment ,  We have Created professional  "Work Order and Receipt" Print Out, with Store message, terms / conditions and disclaimer notice.  There are Company info ,  Company Logo,  Item details , Customer detail & Date, on  Work Order and Receipt.

Below is a Work Order print out .  A section of this can be "Tear Out" and attached or "Stick on" Repair Item. Work order is created at the Time of DROP off. and /or when Customer come in For ESTIMATES.

When Customer "Pick Up" Repaired Item a Receipt is Printed on 3" Printer / POS printer.

 computer repair store Software

Receipt on POS PRINTER. Sale Receipt and Final work order Receipt on 3" POS Printer

For Repair Work First "Work Order"  is Printed as Above and Finally,  at the time of  "Pick Up" a    Receipt is printed  as below.

Receipt for Repair Store software Receipt for Repair store software

Database Maintenance.

Database Backup and Restore :  For Repair Store Expert software  you can  easily  secure  and control  Database.

There is "Sample Data" for Practice and to get familiar with software, You can Click on "CLEAR DATABASE" and it will be removed from Database.


You can write Agreement for your Business,  You can  Back up / Restore and  Clear Database(Below ). As a safe  Practice "Backup" you data on  regular basis.


Repair Shop Software


Setup Software for productivity & accuracy.

Setup::   Easily   Setup Tax , Company, Fault Code, Technician , Printer,  Message on Receipt, Disclaimer Note. & Logo.


In Setup Section user can Set:

Company Info: This information will be Added by  Registration / Activation  and can not be changed.  And this will be Printed on  Work Order and Receipt.

To change Tax for your State / Province or County;  Change the Value and lick on "UPDATE" button on right .  

Repair Shop Software  

Install Printer in Window 7 or 10  and Select POS Printer and Report Printer, within i2htech Repair Store Expert Software, as shown below.

Print out Receipt on POS printer.   We recommend  star TSP 100 or PBM POS printer , Contact us for more information about  Compatible printers and Low Rate Printers .


Reports: Information for your Transactions.

Reports:  You can view and print Various Report on Sale , Work Order , Items , Repair Code , Customer & Other Modules .

Reports are printed  on letter size printer.

Select a Reports from Menu on Left Side.  All reports can be view / print by "Range of Date"  , by starting and ending date.

Repair Store Reports  


Repair Store Reports

Repair Store Reports  

Repair Shop software



PRINTER:  We recommend Star TSP 100 Thermal Printer, Epson Thermal  TMT 88IV / V and PBM thermal printer for Repair Store POS Receipt.

Contact us:.

If you have any question feel free to Write at or Call Phone: (317) 644-6900

Experience the Power of POS software, Repair Store Expert Software is the best easy way to manage your Repair Business.
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