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anything  Rental Expert Software 2018  is good Software for Renting Anything / DVD / Movies , Sell Items  / DVD Movies and products at Stores. View Screen shots of software and Receipt Print out , there are various Useful reports.  Setup  Different Rate for 1 day , 2 days , 3 days .

Anything Rental Software Video.

ANYTHING  Rental  / Sale .

i2htech Anything rental software for Windows .


anything rental software  


Works with Window 7 and Window 10.

Easy to use software for Anything / Electronics / DVD Rental Business..

Setup  Customer. Rental items /  DVD/ Products.  Holidays ,  Return Times, Closing days, Currency ...Late Fee /  charge or Waive Late Fee.

How to use Anything Rental software !



DVD Rental software , Movie Rental Software  

DVD Rental Software

Pos Sale : Rent/  Sell Items / products, point of sale Module .

Comfortably  Run your Rental / Sale Business. / Automatically. with Computer / anything    Rental pos software, Select Items with touch screen . Easy to use.


i2htech rental software, US 


i2htech Anything rental software for Windows .


i2htech Anything rental software for Windows .



All Transaction and operations are saved , so you can view it later  in the form of Reports . Easy to use Anything / Computer / DVD Rental . Sell your Product / Items .

Various Report on Sale and Transactions.

Work comfortably with Transaction and Reports are at your Finger tip.

Dvd rental software

Bizsoftexpert  anything rental software USA

Report  Print out .  For for DVD Rental . Multiple Reports . Setup Customers   Daily rental Customer and membership customer .

Easy to Learn , Install and use.

Print out Receipt on POS printer.   We recommend Star TSP 100 or PBM POS printer , Contact us for Low Rate Printers .

 i2htech anything rental software  

Setup: Easy to setup Tax , company, Products, Worker/ Employee , printer ,  Change Rental Rates,  Disclaimer Note.

We recommend Star TSP 100 Thermal Printer, Epson TMT IV / V , Contact us for Low cost pos printer / PBM/ YDD807 Thermal Printer and PBM thermal printer for Rental  POS Receipt.

Easy to use Anything /  DVD Rental Software

Print out Option Short Receipt :

1. 3" on POS Printer

2. Print out Option Full Professional receipt : on letter size print out on any Regular Printer .

Easy to use Anything /  DVD Rental Software

Setup Rental Rates.

anythint rental software  new york USA


Database: Easy to Save and Secure your Valuable Rental Data.

Save Database on External Drive / USB Drive and Restore in case of any problem.

Easy to use Anything /  Computer /  Electronic / furniture  Rental Software

Print out Option : 1. 3" on POS Printer
2. on letter size print out on any Regular Printer .


DEMO VERSION :  If you are seeking Demo / Trial Version. Demo version is arrange by third party,  Please pay $5.99 by PayPal .Contact us to arrange Demo Version.

  • Easily add All your Category / Departments and Items.

    You can DVD Format .

    Add Grade / Rating ..

    Add Actors / Director.

  • Backup / Delete / Save/ Restore your Database.

    All transactions are saved . Save your items / Customer Database and Sale.

  • Membership Type / Fee/ Deposit .

    Membership Validity for Months / Year .

    # of Rnetal items Rental Limit.

  • Recommended Printer : Epson TMT / STAR TSP 100 / PBM / RData Thermal printer

    Recommended Printer : We sell POS Printers Constact us.

    Window : 7 / 10.

    QUESTION : Contact us

A Easy to use DVD Rental POS Software, ready for some serious business.
Experience the Power of Rental POS software.

Price:$59 Digital Download.