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Repair Store Expert Software 2016 is  Feature Rich  Software for Phone Repair , PC Repair Store , Electronics  / Game Repair Store and other Repair Stores. View Screen shots of software and Receipt Print out , there are various Useful reports.  Send Receipt / WO by  Email to Customer .

Feature Rich Repair Store software for Computer Repair / Mobile Phone Repair / Electronics and other Repair shops.

Secure Login :  You can Login with User Name and Password WITH  i2htech / Bizsoftexpert  Repair Store software   Unauthorized person can be Kept away from using your POS System.

Send  WO / Sale Reciept by eMail to Customer , Remind  Old customer , who have not Come for Repair in Last 90 Days ! 

Below is picture of  CREATING A  New WORK ORDER  &  Print work order / Receipt .  Best  Repair Store Software in USA and Canada .  We Send Worldwide !


Repair Shop Software computer repair store Software


Inventory adding: Items / Parts can be easily added , Add Departments and then add Items / Parts and Services  for Repair or Sale with point of sale Module .

Comfortably  Run your Business.. Select Items with touch screen . Software  is  Easy to use.

Control inventory and sell , Edit and Add. .  Example  computer Diagnosis is a servcie , you can create an Items = Diagnotis  and you Charge  $40 for Diagnosis.

Repair store pos software  


POS  Sale : Sell Items / products  without Repair or work order , with point of sale Module .

Comfortably  Run your Business Efficiently.. Select Items with touch screen . Easy to use.



Repair store software  

All Transactions and operations are saved ,See Sample Workout Print out and Reciept , with your OWN Company Logo. . Easy to use for  Repair Store. Sell your Product / Items , Retail POS module.

Various Report on Sale and Transactions.

Work Order print out .  A section of this can be Tear Out and attached or paste on  Repair Item. Work order is create at the Time of  DROP off. and For ESTIMATES.

When Customer Pick up Item a Reciept is Printed on 3" Printer / POS printer.

 computer repair store Software

Receipt on POS PRINTER.

Receipt for Repair Store software Receipt for Repair store software

Database Backup and Restore .  For for Repair Store software. Easy  Control Your Database.

There is Sample Data for Practice and to get Around with software , You can Click on CLEAR DATABASE TO  Remove Sample Data. .


Write Agreement for your Business,   Do Database Back up / Restore and  Clear Database if you want to  Add New Database. (Below )


Repair Shop Software

Setup:   Easy to setup Tax , company, Fault Code, Technician , printer , Disclaimer Note.

Print out Reciept on POS printer.   We recommend  star TSP 100 or PBM POS printer , contact us for Low Rate Printers .

To change Tax for your State Simple Change the Value and click on UPDATE.  

Repair Shop Software  

Install Printer in Window 7 or 10  and Select    POS Printer and Report Printer . 

Reports: View and Print Various Report on Sale , work order , Items , Code , Customer & Other Modules .

Print out Reciept on POS printer.   And Reports on Letter Size Printer.

Select Various Reports from Menu on Left Side.

Repair Shop software / application  

Repair Shop software

We recomment Star TSP 100 Thermal Printer and PBM thermal printer for Repair Store POS Receipt.

Contact us:  If you have any question feel free to Write or Call.   


  • Easily add All your Departments and Items.

    You can setup Software in few minutes and start using it .

    Add Service and Diagnosis Charges..

    Add Employee / Technician.

  • Backup / Delete / Save/ Restore your Database.

    All transactions are saved . Save your items / Customer Database and Sale.

  • Handle Multiple Customers.

    Sell Items / products and Services .

    Keep Track of close and open work order.

  • Recommended Printer : STAR TSP 100 / PBM / RData Thermal printer

    Recommended Hardware : We sell POS Printers / All in one Touch sceenn Contact us.

    Window : 7 / 10.

    QUESTION : Contact us

A super Easy to use POS Software, ready for some serious business. Experience the Power of POS software.
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